The College of Engineering continues to make numerous, impactful contributions to the intellectual and economic vitality of the world through our discoveries and innovations.

The Engineering Research Accelerator reinforces the College’s efforts to expand our participation and influence in national and international research forums, which allows us to develop a stronger platform to share our insights and discoveries on emerging issues. We develop deep industry ties and seek new relationships to collaboratively develop solutions to broad problems. These solutions have the potential to create economic value through new products that are useful, usable, and desirable in the marketplace.

Next generation research initiatives and moonshots

New research frontiers

The College of Engineering takes pride in its position at the forefront of new research frontiers. Through annual support of one to two new moonshot ideas, the College of Engineering identifies and fosters the next set of cross‐cutting research directions that could lead to future centers of excellence within the college.

The selected moonshot projects receive incubation support through the Engineering Research Accelerator, such as student support, workshop organization support, short‐term incubation space, broader impact formulation, editorial and graphics support for grant writing, and company and federal partnership development support. 

The college has regular calls for proposals to identify new moonshot ideas. The Accelerator facilitates the moonshot proposal process and will contact faculty with details when the call for proposals is open.

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