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  • Researchers engineer “thubber,” a stretchable rubber that packs a thermal conductive punch, for heated garments and robot muscles. Read More
  • EPP’s Wong-Parodi wants to help us talk about climate change. Read More
  • Noh receives NSF CAREER grant to study structure-as-sensor in elder care. Read More
  • Strojwas honored with 2016 Phil Kaufman Award. Read More
  • Terrorism research must be driven by evidence, not political agendas. Read More
  • Three engineering alumni named to Forbes 30 Under 30. Read More

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  • Beuth quoted on future of 3D printing in Manufacturers’ Monthly

    MechE's Jack Beuth was featured in an article for Manufacturers' Monthly where he spoke about recent developments in 3-D printing and what he expects to happen in the metal additive manufacturing industry this year.  Read More
  • Fischhoff quoted in Quartz

    EPP's Baruch Fischhoff was quoted in Quartz on why Americans fear terrorism more than occurrences that are statistically more likely to kill them, like car accidents or gun violence. "Terrorism is not like motor vehicle accidents, where past performance predicts future performance. Terrorism could change and it's not irrational for people to react differently to an uncertain risk," says Fischhoff.  Read More
  • Rajkumar discusses autonomous vehicle reports in Wired

    ECE's Raj Rajkumar was featured in Wired about how companies are tracking the progress of their autonomous vehicle programs. During autonomous vehicle testing, automakers like Nissan and General Motors keep a record of "disengagements," or instances when humans had to take control of the vehicle. but disengagements often involve many variables that are not logged. Rajkumar agrees these reports could be improved to more accurately represent autonomous vehicle progress.  Read More
  • Cranor, Bauer quoted in Consumer Reports on password managers

    EPP/CyLab's Lorrie Cranor and ECE/CyLab's Lujo Bauer were quoted in Consumer Reports on password managers. Cranor and Bauer recommend that everyone should use a password manager service that generates, retrieves, and protects all your passwords in one secure, convenient place.  Read More

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