Media mentions

The National Academies of Engineering, Science, and Mathematics

Wolf selected for convergent manufacturing committee

MFI/Next Manufacturing Sandra DeVincent Wolf has been selected to serve on the National Academies Committee on Convergent Manufacturing. The committee will put together a publicly-accessible workshop on the topic.

America Makes

CMU wins additive manufacturing award

CMU was named one of the awardees in America Makes and the Air Force Research Laboratory’s additive manufacturing challenge titled “Mirco-scale Structure-to-Properties.”

America Makes

Carnegie Mellon team wins top design

MechE’s Kenji Shimada and Erica Martelly’s face mask design, Moldable Masks, were named a top design in America Makes’ “Fit to Face Challenge.”

Scientific Reports 2019, Journal of Synchrotron Radiation

Rollett and Cunningham co-author two of the most downloaded papers

MSE’s Anthony Rollett, as well as Ross Cunningham, who was a Ph.D. student in Rollett’s group, are co-authors on two of the most downloaded papers in their field for 2018-2019.