The Engineering Research Accelerator provides College-wide research development services for faculty members. Faculty at the College of Engineering can use the Accelerator’s services for multi-faceted research development and proposal activities. Let us help you accelerate your research—browse our services below and then contact to get started.

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Large and center-level proposal support

The full spectrum of Accelerator services can be directed and tailored to support large and center-level proposal submissions. These services can be tailored for each proposal based on individual PI needs.

Pre- and post-award support

The Accelerator offers support for principal investigators during all stages of research: guidance for proposal submission, grant/contract preparation, management of award and award funds, and more.

Technical editing and writing

High-level feedback on technical content in proposals; analysis to ensure adherence to proposal solicitation; line edits to ensure error-free writing; structural recommendations; assistance with graphics; and more. Services can be tailored for each proposal based on individual PI needs. 

Faculty are encouraged to submit requests for editing/writing and graphics assistance.

Preparation of non-technical proposal documents

Help during preparation of post-doctoral mentoring, data management, ethics, education and workforce development, broadening participation, and diversity plans, along with additional proposal development support.

Broader impacts

Assistance with the development, assessment, and execution of broader impacts plans to develop meaningful strategies for engaging and sharing knowledge with local communities, in association with College and University-wide resources.

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Consulting support

Support for faculty members who would benefit from external consultant services for specific large-scale, center-level calls, tailored to individual PI needs upon approval from the ADR.

Red team or external review support

Faculty can receive red team and external feedback to ensure that proposals are the best possible quality. Red teams evaluate and score the proposal based on factors outlined in program solicitations and calls for proposals.

Strategic research visioning

Advancement and administration of an ongoing faculty-led, bottom-up visioning process to identify near- and long-term research directions for the College.

Seed funding: Incubation of next-gen research for the College

Moonshot, Catalyst, and other seed funds provide faculty with the necessary equipment, students/post-docs, travel, and more to advance pursuits toward large-scale external funding.

Industry, government, and non-profit partnerships

Help identifying possible industry and government partnerships; enhancing existing and create new opportunities; working with OSP to put agreements in place; licensing CMU technology; and promoting the development, growth, and operations of consortia/partnership programs.

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Early career faculty assistance

Proposal development assistance, sharing of best practices, targeted federal funding matching, mentor matching, and partnerships opportunities.

Administration of seed funding programs

This includes support and programming from Manufacturing Futures Initiative, Carnegie Bosch Institute, Mobility21, Pennsylvania Infrastructure Technology Alliance, Manufacturing PA Innovation Program, Highmark Initiative, and other centers/initiatives.

Team formation

Identification of research expertise to help faculty build bridges across the College, the University, and externally to enhance interdisciplinary, cross-disciplinary, transdisciplinary, or convergent research collaborations.

Liaison across College and University

Working closely with all departments within the College of Engineering, as well as other Colleges and departments across the University, to facilitate processes and confirm organizational support for commitments, including cost sharing, facilities, etc.

Communication of research opportunities

Distribution of targeted assessment of funding opportunities matched to faculty research interests, as well as relevant federal funding webinars, workshops, panels, and training for faculty.

Post-award center administration services

Support services for institutes, centers, and programs to conduct cutting-edge research within the College of Engineering, as well as a dedicated executive administrator.

Project management

Project plans and project management support from inception, incubation, and execution through project closeout. Project management scope, approach, and communications plans can be tailored for each proposal based on individual PI needs.

Project coordination

Scheduling of project-related meetings, coordination with administrative support, assistance with travel, and other administrative services.

Limited submissions

Facilitation and administration of the limited submissions process in collaboration with the Office of the Vice President for Research.

Workshops on funding and grant writing

Hosting and facilitating workshops so faculty can hear from and connect with external program managers from federal departments and learn about organizations’ missions/visions, research priorities, program cycles, funding opportunities, and more. Our research administration workshops provide overviews of grant writing, budgeting, compliance, and more. 

Student groups and projects

Help with recruiting students for projects, as well as help identifying and pursuing industry-sponsored funding opportunities for student projects.