Study and work abroad

At the College of Engineering, we want our students to have a truly global education. That might mean studying or working abroad. It can also mean a whole host of other things from internationally-focused coursework to volunteering in another country to learning from fellow classmates’ global experiences. Below are resources for finding opportunities to study, work, and volunteer abroad.

CMU Mechanical Engineering students study abroad
Travel grant policy To learn more about funding for study abroad or other travel abroad, visit the travel grant policy page.

Study abroad

Department-specific information

Carnegie Mellon’s Office of International Education (OIE)

OIE can help students find more information on the following:

  • Study Abroad Opportunities
  • University Exchange Programs
  • Departmental Exchange Programs
  • University Sponsored Programs
  • External Programs
  • Resources for Studying, Working, Teaching, Traveling, Volunteering, and Internships Abroad

Outside resources

  • IIEPASSPORT: Study Abroad Directories
  • Georgia Tech-Lorraine, Metz, France
    College of Engineering students have the opportunity to study at Georgia Tech’s campus in Metz France. Fall, Spring, and Summer programs are open to undergraduate and graduate level students. Courses are taught in English by Georgia Tech faculty and many have been pre-approved by CIT departments. Metz is located centrally in Europe, which makes it an easy trip other major European cities. Contact your advisors to view the full list of courses available for transfer.
  • Gonzaga-in-Florence
    Engineering sophomores have an opportunity to study in Italy with Gonzaga-in-Florence. Courses are designed to fit into engineering students' existing curriculum and requirements.
  • Saint Louis University, Madrid, Spain
    Saint Louis University is an American, Jesuit university with campuses in the U.S. and Spain; the University itself is ranked among the top 100 research and teaching institutions in the United States. SLU-Madrid offers a great study abroad experience for engineering students in their sophomore or junior years, for up to two semesters. In addition to engineering and science courses, visiting students may round out their programs by taking classes in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and, of course, Spanish. Science and Engineering courses are taught in English.

Working abroad

Internships and research opportunities

Volunteer opportunities

Additional travel resources