Real World Engineering

Students at Carnegie Mellon's College of Engineering receive a world-class engineering education, but you might be wondering what engineering is life off-campus, in the "real world." The Real World Engineering program allows students to connect with individuals and build a professional network that will help support their career goals.

Since the fall of 2012, the Real World Engineering program has shown students what engineering is like in industry and government. Currently running in Pittsburgh, Boston, and Silicon Valley, the program allows undergraduate students to network with professional engineers, shadow mentors, tour industries, connect with alumni, and learn about future career opportunities.

These programs occur once a year in each locale during academic breaks, so no class time is missed. Students are selected for the program based on essays and their professional goals. All program costs are covered by the College of Engineering Dean’s Office and the Gupta First-Year Experience program.

The Real World Engineering Program helps students make better-informed decisions about their future careers and experience life as engineers.