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  • Researchers from CMU and Pitt receive NSF funding to design carbon-adsorbing nanoparticles. Read More
  • Carnegie Mellon professor creates software to improve data sharing in research and academia. Read More
  • Carnegie Mellon to lead $970K America Makes collaboration to advance additive manufacturing in the aerospace industry. Read More
  • Whitehead named 2016 Young Innovator of Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering. Read More
  • The vents in your office aren’t just pumping out air. Read More
  • CMU researchers receive EPA NCER STAR grant to monitor air pollution in Pittsburgh communities. Read More

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  • Casman quoted on natural gas radon risk in Allegheny Front

    EPP’s Elizabeth Casman was quoted in The Allegheny Front on how the Marcellus Shale may increase the risk of radon in natural gas that fuels furnaces, water heaters, and stoves. Radon, an odorless gas that occurs naturally in soils and often finds its way into homeowners’ basements, is responsible for 21,000 cancer deaths in the U.S. every year, according to the EPA.  Read More
  • Armanios wins Best TIM Dissertation award

    EPP’s Daniel Armanios has won the Best Technology & Innovation Management (TIM) Dissertation award from the Academy of Management. The award recognizes outstanding doctoral research completed in the past two years on issues of technology and innovation.  Read More
  • Carlisle to present at conference on malicious software

    INI's Martin Carlisle will present an accepted publication at the 11th International Conference on Malicious and Unwanted Software 2016 in October in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. Carlisle worked with collaborators at the U.S. Air Force Academy on a system that works to identify malicious software compiled with different options or compilers to avoid signature based detection. 
  • Kumar and colleagues win Best Paper Award at SIGCOMM

    ECE’s Swarun Kumar and collaborators at MIT have won the Best Paper Award at ACM SIGCOMM 2016. Kumar’s paper develops a new technology that is fundamental for the deployment of 5G cellular networks. “We found a way to eliminate a key problem,” explains Kumar, “which is the need for networks to receive feedback from every single cellular device in the network before it can see a speedup in data rates.”  Read More

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