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Carnegie Mellon + Engineering

About us

Focusing on innovative, interdisciplinary, and global education and research,the College of Engineering is well-known for working on problems of both scientific and practical importance. Our acclaimed faculty focus on transformative results that will drive the intellectual and economic vitality of our community, nation and world. Our “maker” culture is ingrained in all that we do, leading to novel approaches and unprecedented results.

If you’d like to write about our research or inquire about partnerships, please contact us.

The College of Engineering is now offering online graduate certificates.

The graduate certificate in AI Engineering Fundamentals - Mechanical Engineering prepares mechanical engineers to solve problems with artificial intelligence and design next-generation solutions for today’s industries.

Physicians, biomedical engineers, and other medical professionals can learn the fundamentals of 3D bioprinting tissues and organs from CMU researchers who are pioneering these innovative medical techniques with the graduate certificate in 3D Bioprinting & Biofabrication.

Our programs

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