First-year advisory board (FAB)

The First-year advisory board, or FAB, is the voice of first-year students in the College of Engineering. The board liaises between the first-year class and administration, staff, and faculty.

The goals of FAB are to:

  • Act as an advocate for first-year College of Engineering peers
  • Encourage students to develop a strong sense of community
  • Assist in the development, organization, and advertisement of innovative programs and special events to meet the needs of the first-year students
  • Solicit feedback from the College of Engineering's first-year class about various issues and assist in developing appropriate solutions
  • Serve as an open line of communication between first-year students and the College of Engineering Dean's Office
  • Promote and support campus organizations and resources, such as promoting programs and events that benefit first-year students

All FAB members represent their peers and the College of Engineering Dean's Office.

The College of Engineering Dean's Office will appoint a maximum of twelve students as members of FAB. Applications are accepted over the summer, and students are notified of their appointment before coming to campus. At the first FAB meeting, members will have the opportunity to be elected to one of three specific roles. Those students choosing to serve as general assembly members will comprise the other nine FAB members. All twelve FAB members will vote in the elections, with each member having one vote for each position.

Members of FAB are currently enrolled as first-year engineering students. Membership lasts for one academic year (fall and spring semesters).