Real World Engineering Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh was the inaugural city for the Real World Engineering (RWE) program for several reasons. It is an economically strong city that offers exciting engineering jobs and has a strong alumni base that is well-connected to local industry. Carnegie Mellon students benefit by tapping into this influential and supportive community. Another reason Pittsburgh is part of the program is to expose students to the great resources that exist in their own backyard.

Students at RWE-Pittsburgh event at Uber

Source: Carnegie Mellon University, College of Engineering

Students at a Real World Engineering Pittsburgh event at Uber.

Who: This program is open to all College of Engineering undergraduate students.

Where: Partner companies will host small groups of students for site visits, tours, and information sessions. Previously, students have visited the following companies:

  • Covestro
  • Bossa Nova
  • US Steel
  • PA Dept. of Environmental Protection
  • Kurt J. Lesker Co.
  • Disruptive Robotics
  • PPG
  • Redzone
  • Carmell Therapeutics
  • Calgon Carbon
  • Alcosan
  • Mylan
  • Bayer
  • Google
  • 4Moms
  • Astrobotic
  • SolePower
  • RAND
  • PECA Labs
  • NetApp
  • ActiveAided Orthotics
  • Gannett Fleming
  • Aquion
  • Voci Technologies
  • PNC Bank

College of Engineering students will receive an email about upcoming Real World Engineering opportunities, with links and information on how to apply.

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  • View the program's poster for more information.

Here’s what a few RWE Pittsburgh students have said:

“The program gave me broad exposure to professionals from different fields and workplaces, so it helped inform me about potential career paths. The program also gave me valuable practice with operating in the professional world, as far as researching background information, presenting myself, connecting through conversation, and maintaining connections.”

“Classroom experience is valuable, but nothing compares to seeing and experiencing what engineering is like in the real world. I can’t think of anyone in any field who wouldn’t benefit from a program like this.”

“Observing applications of various types of engineering increased my confidence in my choice of major; the industries and research topics that I found most interesting were related to applications of materials science. I do not have a definite idea of what career path I want to go in, but the insight I gained will help me make a more informed decision.”