Master’s of AI Engineering

The College of Engineering is excited to offer a new first-of-its-kind program in Artificial Intelligence Engineering. At Carnegie Mellon, we are known for building breakthrough systems in engineering through advanced collaboration. Our new degrees combine the fundamentals of artificial intelligence and machine learning with engineering domain knowledge, allowing students to deepen their AI skills within engineering constraints and propel their careers.

Introducing the next generation of AI in Engineering

Engineers build on a solid mathematical and natural science foundation to design and implement solutions to problems in our society. Artificial Intelligence and its varied branches (pattern recognition, machine learning, robotics, automated planning, computer vision, natural language processing, and so on) provide an unprecedented foundation for engineers to build systems that can perceive, plan, and interact with the world to achieve design goals. However, few programs train engineers to develop and apply AI-based solutions within an engineering context.

The​ Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence​ Engineering degrees (MS AIE) take AI and embed it into engineering frameworks, including engineering representations, applications within engineered systems, and discipline-specific interpretations of system outcomes. Within these frameworks, students will learn to invent, tune, and specialize AI algorithms and tools for engineering systems.

Fundamentals of AI/ML

Combining AI throughout the entire engineering process will help you to discover both enhanced and breakthrough solutions to complex problems. No matter the domain, every student’s program is built upon the following core courses:

  • Systems & Tool Chains for AI Engineers
  • Introduction to Machine Learning for Engineers
  • Introduction to Deep Learning for Engineers
  • Trustworthy AI Engineering

Master’s of AI Engineering program


Domain knowledge lives within our departments and disciplines

In our master’s programs you will learn to integrate AI into the constraints of the engineering problem and view the challenge from a wholly new perspective. Because students will gain foundational knowledge in their chosen domain, we offer unique Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence Engineering programs within each of the following departments:

Examples of relevant industry positions

  • Advanced analytics research scientist
  • Battery engineer
  • Data scientist/process engineer
  • Deep learning research engineer
  • Neuroengineer
  • Senior 3D process engineer
  • Senior bioinformatics quality engineer


How to apply

  1. Visit the online application
  2. Select the department that houses the degree you plan to apply for.