First-year experience

The First-Year Experience (FYE) program provides first-year students with specific resources, support, and programming to allow for a successful transition and acclimation into the Carnegie Mellon and the College of Engineering communities. The FYE offers students the opportunity to explore and learn about the different engineering majors in the college.
The First-Year Experience

Source: Carnegie Mellon University

Online advising

The summer before first-year students begin at Carnegie Mellon, the College of Engineering Dean's Office provides comprehensive advising using technologies like Facebook, Skype, IM, podcasts, chatrooms, and email. From understanding course schedules to determining what computer to buy, this early engagement helps new students transition into college life.

First-Year Advisory Board (FAB)

The First-Year Advisory Board (FAB) is the voice of first-year students enrolled in the College of Engineering. The 12 elected board members liaise between the first-year class and administration, staff, and faculty.

Major information sessions

Information sessions are offered during orientation, allowing students to meet faculty and upper-class students from each of the seven engineering departments.

Introductory engineering electives

Students take two introductory engineering electives in their first year at Carnegie Mellon. These courses help students develop analytical skills, introduce them to engineering principles, and provide a first look into the different engineering fields.

Community service-learning projects

Each year, the first-year class organizes one or two service-learning projects. The class works together to lend a helping hand to the community.

First-year success series

The first-year success series is a group of workshops designed to assist first-year students in achieving academic, personal, and professional growth. The series is changed each year to accommodate students' needs and assessed outcomes.

Meet, Mix, and Mingle

The Meet, Mix, and Mingle allows first-year students to interact with and ask questions to major-specific engineering faculty and upper-class students in a casual environment. The event helps students decide which engineering major they would like to declare.

Major Blast

The Major Blast is a social event planned by the First-Year Advisory Board (FAB) to celebrate students officially declaring their major. In the past, this event has taken place on the Gateway Clipper Boat Cruise, at Zone28, and the Carnegie Science Center.

Orientation Blast

A social event that takes place the week of orientation in August to celebrate the incoming College of Engineering class. Students head off campus to Funfest Entertainment Complex for an evening of bowling, video games, pool, bowling, and a chance to socialize with classmates.