The College of Engineering offers majors in six departments, as well as four additional majors and nine minors. Students can also explore opportunities to integrate their degree program with courses in arts and design, pursue a fifth-year master’s degree in engineering, or earn a fifth-year Master of Business Administration from Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper School of Business.

Additional majors

The College of Engineering offers additional majors in: 

Additional majors can be pursued alongside an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering.


If you are interested in pursuing a minor, you must contact the specific department, as their application and enrollment process may differ.

Undergraduate engineering students can complete an interdisciplinary designated minor. A student is free, but not required, to pursue a designated minor from the following list. Learn more about the following minors in the course catalog.

Minors hosted by the College of Engineering:

Minors hosted by schools and departments outside of the College of Engineering:

Interdisciplinary programs

Engineering + Art

The College of Engineering and the College of Fine Arts have joined forces to provide students with an opportunity to combine their engineering studies with creative arts education through two options. Students can pursue an additional major alongside their primary engineering major, or they may opt for a bachelor's degree in Engineering Studies and Arts, a unique intercollege program that includes coursework from both colleges.

Integrative Design, Arts, and Technology (IDeATe) Program

The IDeATe concentrations and minors connect students and faculty from across the university through coursework and collaborative studio experiences. As a student at Carnegie Mellon, you will have the opportunity to integrate into your degree a concentration or minor in eight creative industry areas: Game Design, Animation and Special Effects, Media Design, Learning Media, Sound Design, Entrepreneurship for Creative Industries, Intelligent Environments, Physical Computing.

Integrated Master’s/Bachelor’s (IMB) program

The Integrated Master’s/Bachelor’s (IMB) program allows students who excel academically to achieve both a bachelor's and master’s degree in any of the major programs without needing to apply separately. The primary purpose of the IMB program is to provide students with superior breadth and depth in technical material, which will better prepare them for careers in industry. Experience has shown that students complete the IMB program in eight to ten full academic semesters after enrolling at CMU.

Learn more about the IMB in specific departments:

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