Staff awards committee

The Awards Committee is comprised of individuals from each department within the College of Engineering. Members serve two-year terms.

See below the current members of the College of Engineering Staff Award Committee.


  • Jamie Scanlon (CyLab)

Other members

  • Bryce Aaronson (BME)
  • Beth Hockenberry (CEE)
  • Shirley Pavlischak (ChemE)
  • Pamella Mbabazi (CMU Africa)
  • Stacy Marshall (CMU SV)
  • Kelly McQuoid (Dean’s Office)
  • Angela (Angie) Racko (ECE)
  • Julie Mull (EPP)
  • Ben Walfish (III)
  • Jennifer Spirer (INI)
  • Rachel Teeney (MechE)
  • Kelly Rockenstein(MSE)
  • Ebony Dickey (Research Accelerator)