EMERGE: Engaging with Mentorship to Empower and Remove Gaps in Engineering

EMERGE is a mentorship program run by the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion that provides community-based peer mentoring for first-year undergraduate students in the College of Engineering. Through peer mentorship, students uplift and support each other while accessing opportunities for social connection and professional growth. Being a part of EMERGE provides students with an entire network of support. Students are placed into a mentor family led by an upperclassman and have the opportunity to build relationships with the DEI team as well as faculty, staff, and alumni from across the college.

The DEI Team is committed to supporting all EMERGE participants by providing a space to share thoughts, vent, chat, and ask questions. We also offer relevant resources for academic support, research, and internships.

Why join EMERGE?

  • Become a part of a mentor family designed to create a tight-knit system of support; each student is assigned to a mentor family led by an upperclassman, along with three to four other students
  • Connect individually with members of the DEI staff to learn about resources on campus, build community in the college, and accomplish your goals at CMU
  • Participate in social and professional events throughout the semester to help build a strong network of support in the College of Engineering


  • Meet with your mentor family once a month
    • Students are placed into a mentor family led by an upperclassman with three to four other first-year students
  • One-on-one check-in meeting with a member of the DEI team at least once per semester
  • Attend EMERGE events, social and academic events planned specifically for the EMERGE program
    • There are typically 3 - 4 EMERGE events each semester, and EMERGE students are invited to participate in general events hosted by the DEI staff throughout the academic year. Past events have included alumni panels, bingo, end-of-semester finals survival, headshot sessions, and more