Robotics transformation

Over the years, we have led many research successes across the university in intelligent manufacturing, autonomous vehicles, space-related robots, medical robotics, nano-machines, and computer vision and graphics.

A transformative change is coming to robotics that requires merging these systems with new paradigms in materials and microsystems integration.

Join us in advancing the science, technological translation, and societal impact of Softbotics. We are looking for partners to join our efforts in convergent research, workforce development, educational outreach, and expanded diversity and inclusion. For our innovation ecosystem, we welcome companies, start-ups, and VCs interested in joining industrial consortium and advisory board.

Building robotics to assist people

For more than 40 years, Carnegie Mellon has been a leader in robotics technology. We will continue to lead by pioneering soft robotic materials and systems for:

  • Motor assistance
  • Teleoperation
  • Interactive environment
  • Co-robotics and wearable computing

Contact Carmel Majidi, faculty director.

gif of softbotics sensing temperature

Artistic representation of how softbotics could enable temperature sensing.