Scott Institute for Energy Innovation

Energy & Equity – Developing a Clean Energy Workforce for the Future

August 20, 2020

11:00 a.m.

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As falling energy prices and the continuously evolving nature of COVID-19 have dramatically impacted employment security across the country, Pittsburgh, like many regions, is actively engaging in efforts to envision the future of work. As the energy industry sectors brace for recovery phases, how can communities of color have greater representation? What strategies are other regions using to make a dramatic impact?

Join the Scott Institute and leaders from various organizations including manufacturing, solar development, and nonprofits to hear best practices on how to elevate energy job employment both immediately and into the future.

  • Mark Anthony Thomas, President – Pittsburgh Regional Alliance
  • Earl Buford, Chief Executive Officer – Partner4Work
  • Sara Oliver-Carter, Chief Diversity Officer – Duquesne Light Company
  • Robin Wang (Engineering ’88), Principal; Committee Member – Vibrant Future; Portland Clean Energy Fund
  • Anna J. Siefken, Executive Director – CMU Scott Institute for Energy Innovation (moderator)

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The Scott Institute’s webinar series, “Energy, Resilience, and COVID-19 – Pivoting in 2020” continues. In this series, we highlight insights from research, industry and innovation related to how COVID-19 is impacting the way we do business, and what it means to the energy systems we rely upon.

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