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To learn more about how to partner with the Manufacturing Futures Institute, contact Sandra DeVincent Wolf

As manufacturing technologies and the global marketplace that they serve become increasingly complex, the need for productive and sustainable partnerships has become more important than ever. The Manufacturing Futures Institute upholds Carnegie Mellon University’s culture of interdisciplinary teamwork and shares the College of Engineering's commitment to Advanced Collaboration®.

MFI is also a part of the exceptional advanced manufacturing alliance that resides at Mill 19 and includes ARM, the Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Institute, and Catalyst Connection. MFI faculty and staff also work with a wide range of industry, government, academic, and nonprofit organizations to lead manufacturing innovation.

MFI Partner Program

The MFI Partner Program, launched in January 2023, connects Carnegie Mellon faculty, students, and staff with industry, government, academic, and nonprofit partners. Together, they form a community that is committed to advanced manufacturing research, accelerating the adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies, educating students, and training professionals.

Founding partners
  • ArcelorMittal
  • Tata Consultancy Services Ltd

Member benefits and opportunities

Members of MFI’s dedicated leadership team connect partners to highly collaborative teams of CMU researchers who are uniquely qualified to develop and leverage new technology, solve distinct manufacturing challenges, and generate novel solutions that will accelerate translation of research into commercialization, license new technology, support startup creation, and provide opportunities for industry sponsorships. Member benefits and opportunities include:

Access to new and emerging advanced manufacturing technology

MFI partners are invited to attend events and presentations hosted by MFI including the annual partners meeting during which MFI presents a holistic view of manufacturing across the university and showcases related research and programs; the annual technical exchange during which MFI reviews its funded research projects and education programs; and research seminars throughout the year that provide an in-depth review of specific research projects.

Opportunities to network with key industry, government, and academic stakeholders

MFI events bring together CMU experts, industry professionals, and government officials who have a shared interest in and strong commitment to developing innovative solutions to key manufacturing challenges.

Manufacturing Futures Institute member status

Recognition as a member of the MFI Partner Program on the MFI website, in MFI promotional materials, and at sponsored events demonstrates that member organizations have made significant investments in advanced manufacturing by actively engaging in a community of committed companies, government agencies, and academic institutions.

Strategic program opportunities

Members have early and regular access to unique strategic programs, which include opportunities to sponsor independent student research or strategic initiative research. Additional opportunities to participate in and fund growth area capabilities, testbeds, workforce development, educational programs, and outreach activities are also available.

Workforce recruitment assistance

MFI shares member job postings and recruiting event notifications and provides members with opportunities to meet and interact with student employee prospects.

Membership fees

The annual membership fee is $10,000 per year.

Members who sponsor independent student research projects pay an additional $20,000 for the relevant calendar year, which MFI will direct to support student participation in manufacturing research projects.

Members who participate in the strategic initiative research program pay an additional $150,000 for the relevant calendar year to support strategic growth areas by providing resources for research, building capability and/or testbeds, funding education and outreach activities, or advancing workforce development.

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For more information about the MFI Partner Program, please contact Sandra DeVincent Wolf