MFI’s mission to inspire, engineer, and lead technological and workforce advances for agile, intelligent, efficient, resilient, and sustainable manufacturing is shared by its many partners throughout Carnegie Mellon University.

Next Manufacturing logo

Next Manufacturing Center

The Next Manufacturing Center is a leading research center for additive manufacturing (AM), commonly known as 3-D printing. The center leverages the engineering and data science expertise from across Carnegie Mellon University to develop new approaches for design optimization, materials development and characterization, process parameter selection, and parts qualification and certification.

Robotics Institute logo

The Robotics Institute

The Robotics Institute was established in 1979 to conduct basic and applied research in robotics technologies relevant to industrial and societal tasks. The institute facilities include approximately 100,000 square feet at the main Pittsburgh campus and 100,000 square feet at the National Robotics Engineering Center in Lawrenceville. While much of their research work focuses on core robotics technologies like manipulation, locomotion, and control, they also focus on related research areas, including machine learning, computer vision, and graphics.

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CyLab is Carnegie Mellon University’s security and privacy research institute. Housed in the 25,000+ sq. ft. Collaborative Innovation Center, Cylab brings together experts from all schools across the University, encompassing the fields of engineering, computer science, public policy, information systems, business, humanities, and social sciences. CyLab researchers are often called upon by government leaders to provide expertise on security and privacy issues. Their work in helping shape public policy related to security and privacy spans several decades.

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Center for Iron and Steelmaking Research

The Center for Iron and Steelmaking Research (CISR) is devoted to education and research related to ironmaking, steelmaking, and metals processing. It is housed within the Department of Materials Science at Carnegie Mellon University.

CMU Block Center logo

The Block Center for Technology and Society

The Block Center focuses on how emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning, and advanced manufacturing, will alter the future of work, including how they can be harnessed for social good and how innovation in these spaces can be more inclusive and generate targeted, relevant solutions that reduce inequality and improve quality of life for all.

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Center for Advanced Process for Decision-making

The CAPD is a Carnegie Mellon University research center engaged in process systems engineering research for the process industries. CAPD is developing advanced computer-based techniques for process synthesis, control, and optimization; planning and scheduling; energy systems; and molecular computing.

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CONIX Research Center

CONIX aims to provide a new middle tier of distributed computing that tightly couples the cloud and edge by pushing increased levels of autonomy and intelligence into the network. Led by Anthony Rowe, the Computing on Network Infrastructure for Pervasive Perception, Cognition, and Action Research Center—CONIX—works toward improving Internet of Things (IoT) networks.