Advanced collaboration

Our world is changing faster and its problems are bigger than ever.

Where knowledge once proceeded in a linear fashion from insight to insight, today its movement is startling and unpredictable. The once steady expansion of knowledge has turned exponential, and today new discoveries and information bombard us from every direction. This means that every moment we really know less and less compared with the information available to us. 

The constant intersections of emerging voices and data at play in our everyday lives cause new, complex issues to emerge, challenging the conventional modes of working and demanding a new model for collaboration.

Now more than ever we must work together to survive and innovate.

The most complex problems.
The most diverse experts.

Advanced Collaboration is how the College of Engineering solves the world’s greatest problems.

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Rethink the rink

The Pittsburgh Penguins teamed up with two international giants of science and technology, Carnegie Mellon University’s College of Engineering and Covestro, on a bold initiative to make hockey safer at all levels.

“Rethink The Rink,” a first-of-its kind project—and an example of the advanced collaboration happening at the College of Engineering—challenged students to develop material solutions that enhance the safety of the sport without compromising game performance.

There is no such thing as a simple problem.

All problems are a constellation of smaller issues. Solving a problem begins with untangling its issues.