To transfer to or double major in an engineering department, a student should begin the process by meeting with their current department/college advisor to discuss career, major, and transfer options. 

Students may also meet with their career counselor in the Career Center for more information about career and major choices. Applicants should then talk with one of the advisors in the College of Engineering Dean's Office listed below before applying. 

  • Please contact Kurt Larsen if your last name begins with A-K.
  • Please contact Treci Bonime if your last name begins with L-Z.

When to apply

Criteria used for all applicants

  1. Availability of space in the department you choose
  2. Good academic standing
  3. Successful completion (minimum C grade) of the following courses: at least one introductory engineering course (minimally the one of the target major), the appropriate science co-requisite, calculus (e.g. 21-120/122), and Physics I—either 33-141 (preferred) or 121.


Intro Engineering Course Co-Requisite Science Course
Chemical (06-100) Chemistry (09-105)
Civil & Environmental (12-100) Physics for Engineers (33-141)
Electrical & Computer (18-100) Computer Programming (15-110 or 15-112)
Materials Science & Engineering (27-100) Physics for Engineers (33-141)
Mechanical (24-101) Physics for Engineers (33-141)


*The Biomedical Engineering and Engineering and Public Policy departments only offer double majors to students enrolled in the College of Engineering. So transfer candidates should focus on coursework in one of the single degree-granting majors (Chemical, Civil, Environmental, Material Science, or Mechanical).*

*Please note that 21-124 and 33-122 canNOT be used toward College of Engineering degree requirements.*


Students will be notified of a decision prior to the next registration period.

The College of Engineering Office of Undergraduate Studies (UGS) will review the applications in conference with the department of interest. After review, the student is contacted by the UGS with one of three decisions:

  • Acceptance into the department: The student's record is updated to reflect the new major and he/she is contacted by the new department about advisement and course registration procedures.
  • Recommendation to reapply later: The student is notified that he/she is not accepted for the period requested but may be considered after a determined period of time (typically one semester). In this time period, the student is advised on possible engineering courses to take to better assess whether or not transfer to the target department is a good fit. After that period of time, the student's application is reassessed.
  • Transfer rejection: The student is notified that he/she cannot be transferred into the department. These rare situations usually occur in light of poor grades or when the department has reached its capacity for that particular class of students.