In our increasingly global world, valuable innovation arises both within and outside a company, and research universities like Carnegie Mellon University have become major partners for innovation with industry. One of the many ways companies can work with CMU is through sponsored research projects, which involve engaging company research efforts with CMU researchers and students.

Companies might partner on their research efforts for a variety of reasons. They may wish to make the best use of limited corporate resources, or to take advantage of unique research facilities, or to engage faculty and students in questions that will impact the future of the world. 

As a major research university, CMU receives a significant portion of its funding from organizations that directly engage in sponsored research projects. Usually awarded upon submission and evaluation of a proposal, sponsored projects typically include a statement of work, a budget, and terms for the disposition of resulting tangible and intangible property.

Sponsored research projects enable talented students to acquire in-depth knowledge of technology that will be of high future value to a sponsor. By sponsoring student research and cultivating relationships with CMU students, industry partners enhance their ability to recruit valuable talent for future company growth. Research relationships with CMU researchers can extend a company’s expertise outside its core competencies, creating an expanded expert network.