Industry partners continuously strive to reach out and increase their visibility and brand on and off campus. The overall goal is to make a strong and consistent statement among our talented students. In addition to posting positions and attending career fairs, being part of the campus and engaging with students is crucial to building a strong brand.

Build relationships through on and off campus involvement 

A key aspect to aid in creating a strong industry brand is to build a relationship with the university, which will help develop a recognizable, positive, and engaging employer brand. In doing so, this will help provide your company with an effective overall experience on campus and will yield a successful recruitment strategy as you strengthen your reputation.

Some ways you can create relationships with students and faculty and have a continued presence on campus include:

  • offering time and resources to student groups
  • sponsoring club events
  • becoming a mentor
  • participating in student academic events
  • connecting with relevant faculty for classroom presentations and lectures
  • hosting rising engineers through the Real World Engineering (RWE) program

Strategic corporate philanthropy 

Industry partners can take advantage of our unique research facilities and engage with faculty and students on endeavors of similar interests that can have a strong societal impact. Corporate gifts at all levels receive public recognition.

Examples of effective philanthropic support to enhance an industry brand on campus are:

  • sponsor senior projects or graduate capstones, which give students an opportunity to solve real-world problems in an academic setting while interacting with the company
  • support student organizations, which help students maximize their college experience and develop skills beneficial to the workplace
  • support graduate fellowships to help recruit and support graduate students
  • donate capital gifts, highly visible contributions that go towards naming opportunities, such as research laboratories, academic centers, or infrastructure
  • offer generous donations for naming rights of departments, department heads, and faculty chairs

Each touchpoint an industry partner makes will yield positive results year after year. By building your relationship through multiple facets, you gain a strong reputation among faculty, staff, and students, fostering your image and helping in recruitment efforts.