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The Army Research Office recently granted Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering B. Reeja Jayan the Young Investigator Award—the most prestigious award granted by the US Army. This award will help fund her research project on amorphous-crystalline ceramics titled “A Cross-Disciplinary Investigation of Amorphous-Crystalline Ceramics Synthesized Using Far-From-Equilibrium Electromagnetic Excitations.”

The Army Research Office works to ensure the nation’s technological security by functioning as the Army’s principal research agency in the engineering, physical, information, and life sciences. It selects and funds the most pertinent research proposals submitted by academic institutions, non-profit organizations, and industry representatives to help solve and fulfill the nation’s long-term security needs.


The Army’s Young Investigator Award is granted to the most exceptional scientists and engineers who have the capacity to conduct research that could influence the nation’s most pressing security problems. The award was also created to stimulate creative research among the country’s most distinguished experts.