The ReAC project mobilizes recent advances in AI and robotics towards the concept of robotically supported cooperative construction. Through qualitative engagements with construction practices on sites and modular factories, and technical research into reinforcement learning and robotics, the project aims to create robot in the loop systems that enhance and interact safely and adaptively with construction workers in both construction sites and modular factories.

Principal Investigators
Daniel Cardoso Llach
Jean Oh
Dina El-Zanfaly
Research Areas
Digital twins
Future of work
Intelligent robotics
A graph showing the ReAC process that links between sites, virtual and physical simulations, detection/mapping/tracking, and social navigation algorithms.

Source: Carnegie Mellon University

Diagram of the ReAC research process outlining how qualitative studies of building sites inform technical research into robotics and RL to support construction practices in factory-based or site-based construction.