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YKK AP’s new research lab works to advance job site safety, productivity, and quality

The opening celebration of YKK AP’s research lab at Mill 19 included demonstrations by MechE’s Kenji Shimada’s research team, which is developing technology to solve key issues in the architectural products industry.

Pittsburgh Business Times

Wolf featured in Pittsburgh Business Times

MFI/Next Manufacturing’s Sandra DeVincent Wolf was featured as one of 20 People to Know in Manufacturing in the recent issue of the Pittsburgh Business Times.

Pittsburgh Business Times

CMU research team featured in Pittsburgh Business Times

A team led by CMU and including United States Steel Corp. and Nucor, will receive $3.1 million for a process designed to decarbonize the steel industry.

Scientific American

Majidi comments on new material for “soft robotics” in Scientific American

MechE’s Carmel Majidi talks about a new low-density gel material that is able to conduct electricity to power a motor in Scientific American. “There are so many possibilities that arise when you take machines and robots out of the hard case and engineer them out of materials that are soft and squishy,” Majidi says.

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