Getting started

The primary investigator (PI) should email the following information to An Accelerator research administrator (RA) will contact the PI via email once the request is received.

  • Sponsor Name (prime and direct, if a flow-through)
  • Solicitation number
  • Proposal due date
  • Any other known pertinent information

Note: Many sponsors have specific submission portals through which proposals are required to be submitted.  Once the proposal package is prepared and approved for submission by the PI, the Accelerator RA will work with our Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) to submit the proposal in accordance with the sponsor requirements.

Next steps

The next steps will include a meeting to:

  • put together a manageable timeline
  • outline the solicitation
  • determine who will be responsible for preparing which documents (i.e. current and pending, budget justification, etc.)
  • determine who will upload the documents to the sponsor's site
  • review/discuss the university’s procedures for a full proposal review

Our Office of Sponsored Programs will submit to the sponsors through their appropriate, site such as NSF Fastlane,, NIH Assist, etc.