Siyang Zheng received his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Caltech. His main research interests center around biomedical micro/nano technologies and their applications to cancer and infectious diseases. Zheng was a recipient of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Director’s New Innovator Award, and the Research Scholar Award from the American Cancer Society, among others. He has published 54 peer-reviewed articles in core journals including Nature Biomedical Engineering and Science Advances and is the principal investigator of NIH R01 grants on technology developments for liquid biopsy for cancer diagnosis and emerging virus discovery.
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Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Caltech

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Catalyst 2020 winners announced

The College of Engineering has announced the winners of the Catalyst 2020 competition. Their proposals will be funded by the College of Engineering.

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College of Engineering announces Catalyst 2020 winners

The College of Engineering is pleased to announce that the College will fund three Catalyst proposals as winners of the Catalyst 2020 competition.