Ragunathan (Raj) Rajkumar is the George Westinghouse Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. Rajkumar serves as director of the Metro21: Smart Cities Institute, USDOT Mobility21 National University Transportation Center, USDOT T-SET National University Transportation Center, Real-Time and Multimedia Systems Lab, and co-director of the General Motors-Carnegie Mellon Connected and Autonomous Driving Collaborative Research Lab (CAD-CRL).

Rajkumar's research interests lie in all aspects of embedded real-time systems and wireless/sensor networks. In the domain of embedded real-time systems, his interests include but are not limited to operating systems, scheduling theory, resource management, wired/wireless networking protocols, quality of service management, hardware/software architecture, model-based design tools and power management. In the context of wireless/sensor networks, his research interests span hardware, devices, power-efficient networking protocols, run-time environments, large-scale system architectures, visualization and administrative tools.

Rajkumar has received multiple awards, including the Carnegie Science Award in Information Technology, the Steven J. Fenves Award for Systems Research from the Carnegie Institute of Technology, and the Outstanding Technical Achievement and Leadership Award from the IEEE Technical Committee on Real-Time Stystems. He has been named a Fellow of the Institute of Electric and Electronics Engineers and a Distinguished Engineer by the Association for Computing Machinery. He has received multiple best paper awards, spoken at various conferences and events, been a member or chair of professional committees and conferences, and consulted for several companies. Rajkumar is a member of the editorial board of Real-Time Systems Journal and previously served on the editorial board of IEEE Transactions on Image Processing.

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1989 Ph.D., Computer Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University

1986 MS, Computer Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University

1984 Bachelor of Engineering (Hons), Electronics and Communications Engineering, University of Madras

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Congresswoman Summer Lee and U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) announce that CMU will lead consortium that will receive $20 million to create Safety21, a University Transportation Center.


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ECE’s Raj Rajkumar spoke with Reuters about where Tesla stands in light of a recent verdict that found the automaker wasn’t liable for a crash that had occurred while using Autopilot, its driver-assistant system. “While Tesla won the battle, they may end up losing the war,” Rajkumar said, because the car designs are “far from becoming fully autonomous.”

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ECE’s Raj Rajkumar spoke to Reuters about Tesla’s recent move to lay off hundreds of employees at its San Mateo office. “Tesla is clearly in a major cost-cutting mode,” he said.

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A paper by the Traffic21 team from CMU was cited in an article in Fast Company on autonomous mobility and smart cities.

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