Sandra Malaika boasts a career spanning over a decade in international development program management. Before joining CMU-Africa, she steered economic and governance initiatives at the Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office, showcasing her adaptability in navigating the complexities of global development. Notably, Malaika played a pivotal role in the inception and expansion of the Mastercard Foundation Scholars at CMU-Africa, a testament to her strategic acumen. Her contributions have driven positive change and yielded impactful results for both the Scholars and CMU-Africa.

An unwavering passion for transformative education and leadership is at the core of Sandra’s professional journey. Her vision extends beyond the confines of conventional success, aiming to create lasting and meaningful impacts.

  • Lead and oversee CMU-Africa’s impact measurement and evaluation initiatives
  • Collaborate with relevant stakeholders to ensure continued progress and alignment with CMU-Africa’s mission
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