Raissa Ariane Ineza is a passionate, results-driven project manager with five years of experience working within the higher education field. She previously worked at the University of Global Health Equity, an initiative of Partners in Health, where she helped to ensure the successful launch and operation of its campus located in northern Rwanda.

She later transitioned to become the executive assistant to the deputy vice chancellor of administrative and financial affairs, where she gained in-depth experience in managing various projects which helped lead to the success of the university’s operations and achievements.

>With a BSc in international business administration with a marketing concentration from the United States International University, and an MBA from the same university, which she will complete in a year, Ineza is a powerful force in the workplace, always deploying her positive attitude and tireless energy to encourage others to work hard and succeed.

She believes in building effective cross-functional teams, uniting people with different expertise to accomplish lofty goals, and fostering growth amongst all levels of an organization. In her free time, Ineza likes to travel, read about women’s empowerment, and explore all things culinary art.