Lenah Chacha is CyLab-Africa’s research lab manager. Prior to joining CyLab-Africa, Chacha has been in engineering for seven years where she has held various roles in networking, security engineering, application security engineering, and instructor.

She has also been a research assistant at the lab working on our flagship projects like MOSIP, VAPTs and picoCTF. She has consulted on various levels as picoCTF PI, project lead for industry VAPTs and surveys and team lead for security analysis and investigations for the lab’s MOSIP deployment. She joins Cylab-Africa with more than seven years of consultancy on security where she has guided organizations design and finetune their security strategy.

Chacha received her graduate degree from Carnegie Mellon University Africa and is also a certified Ethical Hacker.

  • Her areas of expertise include:
  • Software engineering
  • Application secure design
  • Network and security and analysis
  • Network security for SMB and financial institutions

Chacha enjoys reading fiction, running and being active, and traveling.