Phillip Campbell is a Research Professor in the Biomedical Engineering Department and the Engineering Research Accelerator at Carnegie Mellon University. He has courtesy appointments in the Biological Sciences and the Mechanical Engineering Departments. Campbell has over 25 years of experience in multidisciplinary research with both engineers and clinicians to develop unique solutions to a wide variety of complex biomedical problems, including the development of natural-based biomaterials, implant biocompatibility, and tissue engineering. One of his overarching research themes involves understanding and engineering the cellular microenvironment from an endocrine point of view, both in vitro and in vivo. The study encompasses growth factor interstitial transport, interactions with receptors and non-receptor binding proteins, immobilization and proteolytic processing of extracellular matrix bound growth factors and other signaling molecules, and live cell and animal imaging. His research has taken advantage of biopatterned microenvironments to spatially deliver signaling molecules to spatially control cell behavior in vitro and tissue formation in vivo toward musculoskeletal, cardiac, immunological, and cancer applications.

6115 Scott Hall

Engineering biological signaling for medical applications


1988 Ph.D., Physiology, Pennsylvania State University

1981 MS, Animal Science, Auburn University

1978 BS, Animal Science, Auburn University

Media mentions


New grant weaves a silk-based partnership

BME’s Charlie Ren and Phil Campbell have received a five-year, $3.5 million Bioengineering Partnerships with Industry (BPI) grant from the NIH, in partnership with David Vorp of the University of Pittsburgh.

University of Pittsburgh

Campbell and Ren join American Heart Association award project team

The American Heart Association’s 2023 Collaborative Sciences Award will be investigated by a multi-institutional team of researchers, including BME’s Phil Campbell and Charlie Ren.

CMU Engineering

Engineering alumni double team innovation in sport

Two CMU materials science and biomedical engineering alumni are at the forefront of the development of an airless basketball made through additive manufacturing techniques.

CMU Engineering

Microneedles unlock curcumin’s therapeutic potential

Researchers engineer a hybrid system that stabilizes curcumin to target skin diseases.

CMU Engineering

3D printing ice

3D printed ice isn’t as magical as in the movie Frozen, but it has wonderful potential for biomedical engineering and advanced manufacturing.

CMU Engineering

Exosome engineering tech licensed to Coya Therapeutics

An interdisciplinary group of faculty from Carnegie Mellon has licensed a proprietary platform for bioengineering exosomes for drug delivery to Coya Therapeutics, Inc.

CMU Engineering

Collaboration shapes extracellular vesicle retention strategy

Phil Campbell and Charlie Ren present a strategy to spatially control extracellular vesicles and keep them resolute under controlled conditions.

CMU Engineering

CMU and Mayo Clinic to collaborate on transplant innovation

Mayo Clinic and Carnegie Mellon University announced today a research agreement to transform organ transplantation. The institutions will bioengineer innovative approaches to address current barriers in organ transplantation.

CMU Engineering

Uncovering a promising use case for exosomes

New research from Carnegie Mellon University and UPMC explores an innovative case for exosomes: delivering growth factors like bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs) for bone healing.

CMU Engineering

Using exosomes for drug delivery

In recent years, there has been an explosion in exosome research. CMU researchers have created an “all-purpose” platform for using exosomes for drug delivery in living organisms.

CMU Engineering

3D printing the human heart

CMU researchers have published in Science a new 3D bioprinting method that brings the field of tissue engineering one step closer to being able to 3D print a full-sized, adult human heart.

College of Engineering’s Celebration of Education Awards announced

Congratulations to the College of Engineering’s 2019 recipients of the Celebration of Education Awards, which recognize individuals who exemplify excellence in teaching, advising, and mentoring.