Pedro J. Bustamante is an assistant teaching professor at the Information Networking Institute (INI). His research focuses on the study and interplay of the technical, economic, and policy dimensions of telecommunications advancements. Some topics of research include dynamic radioelectric spectrum access, decentralized systems, distributed governance, and the implementation of machine learning for spectrum regulation, policy, and management.  

Prior to joining Carnegie Mellon University, he was part of the Telecommunications Regulator in his home country, Ecuador. During this time, he was part of multiple interdisciplinary working groups to design, create, and develop initiatives to achieve more efficient spectrum management, allocation, and assignment.

He is also part of two large interdisciplinary research centers, namely The Center for Governance and Markets (CGM) and Spectrum X. At CGM, he is part of the governance and technology working group, which analyzes dynamic spectrum access and intelligent wireless systems from a policy and governance perspective. At Spectrum X (an NSF Spectrum Innovation Center), he is part of multiple working groups, including wireless technologies development, property rights, telecommunications enforcement, and telecommunication policy.

Room 120, 4616 Henry Street


2021 Ph.D. Information Sciences (concentration in Telecommunications and Networking), University of Pittsburgh

2016 M.Sc. in Telecommunications, University of Pittsburgh (Fulbright grantee)

2010 B.S. Electronics Engineering, Universidad del Azuay (Ecuador)

2009 C.S. Telecommunications and Automation applied to House Automation, Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina)