Dean’s Advocacy Council

The College of Engineering Dean’s Advocacy Council is comprised of business and alumni leaders who provide strategic assistance in advancing the priorities of the College, as well as serve as ambassadors of and active advocates for the College. The Council’s commitment and leadership help to ensure that the mission and goals of the College are met. The Council plays a vital role in helping Carnegie Mellon University’s College of Engineering continue its recognition as an elite engineering college. Current members are listed below.

  • Wayne Balta headshot

    Wayne Balta E’82

    Vice President, Corporate Environmental Affairs and Product Safety

  • John Bertucci headshot

    John Bertucci E’63, TPR’65

    Chairman Emeritus
    MKS Instruments, Inc.

  • Michele Blazek headshot

    Michele Blazek E’87

    Director, Quality Assurance and Risk Management; Hospital Safety Officer
    Stanford Health Care

  • Robert D. Bowie headshot

    Robert Bowie E’88

    Retired Brigadier General

  • Paul Browning headshot

    Paul Browning E’90

    Co-Founding Partner
    Energy Transition Finance, LLC

  • Michael Bruce headshot

    Michael Bruce E’95

    President and CEO
    Sirius Technical Services, Inc.

  • Barbara Buck headshot

    Barbara Buck E’73

    Buck Sentinel Rock Consulting LLC

  • Aris Candris headshot

    Aris Candris E’74, E’78

    Retired, President and CEO
    Westinghouse Electric Company

  • Russell Crockett

    Russell Crockett E’87

    Senior Energy Advisor
    RTC Energy LLC

  • Shyam Dighe headshot

    Shyam Dighe E’77, E’79

    Founder, President, & CEO
    Dighe Technologies Corporation and Aquasource Technologies Corporation

  • Philip Dowd headshot

    Philip Dowd E’63

    Managing Director
    Sherick Enterprises LLC

  • Edward Frank headshot

    Edward Frank S’85

    Founder & Vinter
    Compass Vineyards

  • Dirk Gates headshot

    Dirk Gates

    Senior Vice President of Customer Experience
    Tarana Wireless, Inc.

  • Deepak Gupta headshot

    Deepak Gupta E’89

    Founder and Chairman
    The Denita Group of Companies

  • Steve Hoover headshot

    Steve Hoover E’89, E’94

    Impossible Objects

  • Matt Howard headshot

    Matt Howard

    Managing Partner
    Norwest Venture Partners

  • Kathryn Jackson headshot

    Kathryn Jackson E’87, E’90

    Board Member
    Archaea Energy

  • Raj Kapoor headshot

    Raj Kapoor E’92

    Co-Founder and Management Partner

  • John Kenny headshot

    John Kenny E’82

    Retired, Executive Vice President & Director
    Gannett Fleming, Inc.

  • Oleg Khaykin headshot

    Oleg Khaykin E’87

    President and CEO
    Viavi Solutions, Inc.

  • John Kibarian headshot

    John Kibrarian E’86, E’88, E’90

    President & CEO
    PDF Solutions

  • Tom Klopack headshot

    Tom Klopack E’73

    Executive Consultant for Life Sciences
    TGK Lifesciences

  • Stefan Knoll headshot

    Stefan Knoll

    Vice President Progressive Mobility Customers

  • Hillard Lazarus headshot

    Hillard Lazarus E’70

    Retired, Professor of Medicine
    Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

  • Tom Marchok headshot

    Tom Marchok E’87, E’89, E’95

    Business Development, Private Equity
    Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Sanjay Natarajan headshot

    Sanjay Natarajan E’89, E’92

    Senior Vice President and General Manager, Components Research
    Intel Corporation

  • Paul Ohodnicki headshot

    Paul Ohodnicki E’06, E’08

    RK Mellon Faculty Fellow in Energy
    University of Pittsburgh

  • Drew Perkins headshot

    Drew Perkins E'86

    Eridu Corporation

    Chairman of the Board
    Mojo Vision, Inc.

  • Opal Perry headshot

    Opal Perry E’93

    Chief Strategy and Digital Transformation Officer

  • headshot placeholder

    Kears Pollock E’62, E’64

    Retired, Executive Vice President
    PPG Industries, Inc.

  • Matt Rogers headshot

    Matt Rogers E’04, E’05

    Founder & CEO

  • Venkee Sharma headshot

    Venkee Sharma E’87, TPR’87

    President & CEO
    Aquatech International Corporation

  • John Sontag headshot

    John Sontag E’79

    Retired, Vice President, Systems Research
    Hewlett Packard Labs

  • Daniel Starta headshot

    Daniel Starta E’82, TPR'95

    Partner Emeritus
    Kearney Management Consulting

  • Lip-Bu Tan headshot

    Lip-Bu Tan

    Chief Executive Officer
    Cadence Design Systems

    Founder & Chairman
    Walden International

  • Scott Walston headshot

    Scott Walston E'88, E’90

    Vice President and Chief Engineer – Enterprise Technology

  • Sin Min Yap headshot

    Sin Min Yap

    Vice President, Strategy & Partnerships
    ANSYS, Inc.

Emeritus members

  • Raymond Betler headshot

    Raymond Betler DC’79, E’79

    Retired, President & CEO
    Wabtec Corporation

  • Patricia Hatter headshot

    Patricia Hatter E’84, E’87

    Senior Vice President, Global Customer Service and Chief Customer Officer
    Palo Alto Networks

  • Frank Marshall headshot

    Frank Marshall E’69

    General Partner
    Big Basin Partners LP