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Army Research Laboratory

AI Enabled Additive Manufacturing

  • Funding: $25 million total project budget
  • Period of performance: July 2020 to June 2025
  • Project principal: Carnegie Mellon University

Researchers are applying artificial intelligence (AI) to additive manufacturing processes for U.S. Army expeditionary manufacturing applications. They aim to achieve fully automated sensing and optimization of the AM process in order to enable real-time qualification and certification of mission-critical AM parts and components that can be manufactured at the point of need.

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NASA University Leadership Initiative

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Qualification of Additive Manufacturing Processes and Materials in Aviation

  • Funding: $6 million total project budget
  • Period of performance: September 2019 to August 2022
  • Project principal: Carnegie Mellon University
  • Other project participants: Case Western Reserve University, Colorado School of Mines, University of Pittsburgh, University of Texas at El Paso, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, The Barnes Global Advisors, Materials Resources LLC

Researchers are undertaking six distinct projects in order to develop a comprehensive system for the qualification of AM processes and materials that can enable the certification of additive manufactured parts for aerospace applications.

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Office of Naval Research Quality Made

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Robotic Laser Wire Additive Manufacturing System with Comprehensive Quality Assurance Framework

  • Funding: $12.7 million total project budget; $5.7 million to CMU
  • Period of performance: July 2018 to December 2022
  • Project principal: Lockheed Martin
  • Other project participants: Iowa State University, Carnegie Mellon University, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, GKN Hoeganaes, Wolf Robotics, Colorado School of Mines

Researchers are developing a framework that couples modeling tools, in-situ process measurements, real-time closed-loop control, and machine learning to meet performance requirements for additive manufacturing (AM) parts in support of U.S. Navy plans to use AM to supply out-of-production and long lead time metal components.

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