The Next Manufacturing Center integrates research from disciplines across the College of Engineering for collaboration and synergy. Making use of the innovative facilities in the new maker wing of Hamerschlag Hall, Next Manufacturing enables creative, hands-on problem-solving in a learning-by-doing environment that prepares students and positions Carnegie Mellon University for leadership in advanced manufacturing.

The Next Manufacturing Center is a collaboration of faculty, students, staff, research, projects, and training and outreach programs across the College of Engineering that will facilitate hands-on learning opportunities for students, researchers and community members. Capitalizing on the facilities and capabilities within the maker wing of Hamerschlag Hall, it will provide opportunities to develop tools to improve manufacturing processes; introduce courses to support middle and high school outreach efforts and undergraduate education programs; and provide training for high school teachers and the industrial workforce. It is a test bed for developing new tools and methods for a broad range of complex engineering processes and is the next step in additive manufacturing research at Carnegie Mellon University.

Education and outreach initiatives