Equipment in our labs is available for use by both internal and external users.

Equipment users

Internal users (Carnegie Mellon faculty, students, staff) must complete all necessary training to receive approval to work in the Hamerschlag Hall and Mill 19 AM labs. Users must also have a confirmed appointment to ensure equipment is available when needed. Additional information about our available equipment is available via Box .

External customers can inquire about collaborating with us on research projects, training programs, the use of AM equipment, and other partnership opportunities by emailing Sandra DeVincent Wolf.

Lab orientation and training

In order to ensure safe operations, everyone seeking to work in the AM labs must complete the AM Lab Orientation program and all necessary training modules in BioRAFT. Contact Liza Allison  for information and registration for our AM Lab Orientation Program (offered once per semester). Upon completion of the program, equipment training and project assistance will be provided.

More detailed information about lab orientation, training, access and equipment use can be found on the Mill 19 governance and use guidelines web page.

Lab requests

To request the use of additive manufacturing equipment, internal users must submit the online AM Lab Request form.

  • Only one request per form is permitted. For multiple builds on the same project, build plus post-processing on that build, or for machining-only or rheometer-only requests, please submit a separate form for each task (build, furnace use, machining request).
  • Account numbers and STL files: Equipment cannot be scheduled without a completed submission form including an account number (Oracle string) and STL files, if applicable.


Individuals with authorization to work in the Advanced/Additive Manufacturing Labs have received instructions directly for requesting approval of time to work in the labs.

To assist individuals with their requests, the calendars for the on campus AM Lab rooms, HH C121 and HH C122, are provided below. Please check the calendars prior to submitting an appointment for approval to ensure the lab equipment is not already scheduled for use at that time. The calendars for Mill 138A and Mill 19 138B are provided below for reference only. Contact Scott Kram for scheduling in the Mill 19 AM Lab.

Reminder: Include the reason for your visit to the lab or equipment that you’d like to use in the subject line for your appointment request.

Programming the 3D printing equipment: Once equipment is scheduled, it is the responsibility of the requester to program the 3D printing equipment.  Once the programming is confirmed to be complete, preparation of the equipment will be done to support the scheduled equipment use date.

Lab calendars

HH C121

View calendar 

  • Use of lab computer for [insert reason]
  • Use of Magics software
  • Programming an EOS build
  • EDM
  • Furnace
  • Shot peens
  • CMM
  • Keyence VR-small
  • Keyence VL-large

HH C122

View calendar

  • FT4 rheometer
  • Granudrum
  • EOS M290
  • ExOne Innovent
  • Curing oven

Mill 19 138A

View calendar

  • Use of lab computer for [insert reason]
  • Use of Magics software
  • Furnace
  • Shot peens

Mill 19 138B

View calendar

  • TruLaser Cell 3000
  • TruPrint 3000
  • ExOne M-Flex
  • Curing Oven

Material availability

Limited materials are available for use. Additional materials can be ordered to support projects as needed or supplied directly by the project. There are strict limits on the quantities of powders that can be safely stored in our facilities. No powders should be shipped or brought to the AM Lab without prior approval. Powders smaller than 15 microns are not permitted. Only EH&S is authorized to transport powders.

Please contact Sandra DeVincent Wolf to inquire about available materials or to obtain permission to ship or bring materials directly to the AM Lab. If purchasing materials or providing materials supplied by an external partner, send information including the powder grade/vendor/particle size range, quantity including size/weight/storage container info, Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), and specific equipment system. It will be evaluated and instructions for shipment will be provided.


All internal inquiries, including questions about the form (for internal use), may be directed to Liza Allison.