Mill 19 provides a variety of spaces for meetings, conferences, and events. The facility has been used to showcase Carnegie Mellon’s leadership in our region’s manufacturing resurgence. In order to reserve space at Mill 19, complete the Mill 19 event space request form.

President Biden at Mill 19

In January 2022, U.S. President Joseph R. Biden visited Mill 19 and saw first hand how manufacturing research at CMU will revolutionize industry.

Event space options

Available Spaces


Number of

Number of
cocktail tables

Number of



220: Reception/event space 160 30* 12 180** NO NO
222: Workforce training room (auditorium-style seating) 204 30* 0 180** YES YES
222A: Workforce training room 102 30* 0 180** YES YES
222B: Workforce training room 102 30* 0 180** YES YES
226: Classroom (with U-shaped tables) 30 30* 0 180** YES YES
227: Small conference room 6 1 0 5 NO NO
228: Small conference room 6 1 0 5 NO NO
240: Boardroom (includes 10 chairs along the wall) 22 1 22 YES YES
224: Catering/prep kitchen

*30 tables are available for rooms 220, 222, and 226

**180 chairs are available for rooms 220, 222, and 226

For more information about availability, fees, and services (FMS, IT/computing services, catering, security, cleaning services, etc.), contact Charlie Matous. For general inquiries about Mill 19, contact Rod Heiple.

Reservations will be confirmed by a Manufacturing Futures Institute (MFI) staff member at Mill 19. Please note that some room reservations cannot be made more than three months in advance of your event. In the unlikely event that MFI or the ARM Institute would require use of the scheduled facility during your confirmed reservation, you may be asked to relocate. We will do our utmost to assist in finding an alternative space or venue.

Policies and guidelines 

When using Mill 19 conference spaces and rooms, you must adhere to the guidelines listed below, as well as CMU’s environmental, health, and safety guidance (including COVID protocols related to social distancing, size of gatherings, food, and beverage service) prior to submitting this form.

  • Please be sure that your reservation includes time for both setup and breakdown of your event.
  • An onsite event host is required for every reservation. This person must be in attendance for the duration of the event or arrive prior to the event to ensure proper setup and return at the conclusion of the event to make sure the room is back to its original state.
  • The event host is responsible for arranging and paying for room set-up/tear-down and other services related to Facilities Management Services, IT/computing services, catering, security, cleaning services, etc. Requests for technical guidance or assistance should be made at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled event by contacting Charlie Matous.
  • No tape, glue, staples, or tacks should be used on any surface of the facility.
  • Only the designated reserved space can be used for an event.
  • The audio/visual equipment is available for use. However, it must be turned off at the end of the event. We do not provide audio/visual support for meetings.
  • Any equipment/service not part of the standard AV installation should be requested through Computing Services Event Support Services
  • Supplies and/or furniture belong to MFI and should not be removed from the room.
  • Event preparatory supplies and equipment brought in by the organizer/group or catering must be removed from the reserved room and catering kitchen (if used) immediately following the event.
  • All trash should be disposed of in the proper receptacles.
  • If alcohol is served, it is the event host’s responsibility to designate a university-authorized social host who must be in attendance (refer to the Social Host & Alcohol Event Registration Procedures).
  • After hours events (after 5 p.m.): Coordinate temporary access for the building and conference rooms by contacting Charlie Matous.
  • At the conclusion of the event, the facility must be clean, and furniture returned to the original set-up. Personnel will inspect the facility after each event. If damages to the room, equipment or furniture are discovered, it is the event host’s responsibility to cover the cost of repairs.