Current students abroad

Follow our current students as they travel, work, and study abroad! Here you will be able to keep up with our students and their adventures abroad via blogs, photos, and videos. 



  • Jeannie Michaels, a chemical engineering student, is spending her junior year abroad, studying in London. Follow her blog



  • Wenting Chang, a sophomore in ECE, spent her summer studying in Seoul, South Korea. Follow her adventures.
  • Andy Jiang, a junior in MSE, studied in Germany. Visit his blog.
  • Gaurav Balakrishnan, an MSE sophomore, spent the summer performing research in Haifa, Israel. Follow his blog.


Past travelers

Read more about our students' past experiences.

  • Obianozo Chukwamu, junior in Civil and Environmental Engineering, studied abroad in London this semester. Follow her on Instagram.
  • Renee Rios, junior in Civil and Environmental Engineering, studied abroad in Barcelona. Follow her blog.
  • Stephanie Tjan, a Civil and Environmental Engineering senior, studied in Germany. As a junior, she also spent time in Iceland on the GREEN program
  • Cindy Weng, a junior in Civil and Environmental Engineering, studied in Paraguay.
  • Cari Hartigan, a junior in Civil and Environmental Engineering, traveled to Germany to study and research.
  • Sophomore Electrical and Computer Engineering student Chelsea Chen was an intern abroad in Singapore.
  • Nikita Sharma, a Civil and Environmental Engineering student, spent ten days in Iceland for a special summer program.
  • Megan Pudlo, a Chemical Engineering major, spent her junior year studying abroad on exchange with Imperial College in England.
  • Jacqueline Gibbons, a Mechanical Engineering junior, spent a spring semester studying in Berlin, Germany.
  • Thomas "TJ" Murray, a junior in Mechanical Engineering, studied in Qatar for a spring semester. Read about his experience.
  • Angela Ng is a junior in Civil and Environmental Engineering, who spent her summer in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 
  • Maya Holay is a junior Chemical and Biomedical Engineering double major who did summer research in Dortmund, Germany. Check out her blog
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering senior, Katherine Wang, studied in Florence, Italy.
  • Crystear Liu, a Chemical Engineering sophomore, learned German in Berlin during the summer. 
  • Holly Stein is a Mechanical Engineering junior who spent a semester studying in Switzerland at Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne.
  • Jeffrey He is an Electrical and Computer Engineering junior who spent a semester studying in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Three engineering students traveled to Honduras over their spring break as part of the Carnegie Mellon University Global Water Brigades service group. They wrote about their experiences in their blog.
  • Civil engineering student, Yang You, was part of the EPFL Research Internship Program. The interns in this program collectively kept a blog of their experiences.
  • Ann Rutt, a biomedical engineering and materials science and engineering student spent a summer at Imperial College in London.
  • Miki Bassey, a mechanical engineering student, studied abroad in Hong Kong.
  • Johan Gutierrez is a Mechanical Engineering senior who spent the spring 2014 semester in Barcelona, studying architecture and design.
  • Learn about CEE's Colin Chadderton's time in Hamburg, Germany.
  • Read ChemE/BME student Jordan Green's blog on his exchange with RWTH Aachen in Germany.
  • Andrew Wu, a junior in ECE, spent his summer in Shanghai, studying at SISU. Check out his experience.
  • Learn about Gabriel Rodriguez (MSE) and his summer in Berlin, Germany.
  • MechE's Lenny Rodriguez tweeted his experiences from his fall semester at the National University of Singapore.
  • Follow Ashley Brienza's travels to Livingstone, Zambia. 
  • Journey to the Czech Republic with Mechanical Engineering junior, Bushra Salama.
  • Corinne Clinch is a CEE/BME double major who traveled to Ghana for a summer software development internship.
  • Aspen McKeever is a sophomore Chemical Engineering student who spent her summer in Chile, taking courses on Chilean culture and perfecting her Spanish language skills. Follow her blog.
  • Mechanical Engineering sophomore Faith Quist was in Berlin for the summer, taking German language courses.
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering junior Willy Elmore shared his experiences of summer in Denmark on his blog. Willy took courses on sustainability while abroad.
  • CEE junior Siyun Luo's blog went to the Dominican Republic during Spring Break as part of the Orphanage Outreach group.
  • CEE junior Agnes Marszalik went to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, through the CIEE program.
  • CEE junior Lane Kurkjian traveled to Karagwe, Tanzania.
  • ECE sophomore Beth Ann Katz went to Costa Rica as part of the Global Renewable Energy Education Network (GREEN) program. 
  • ChemE sophomore Hari Venkatesh traveled to Costa Rica as part of the GREEN program. 
  • CEE senior Brittani Grant traveled to Sicily, Italy. 
  • MechE student Mukul Bhatt traveled to Barcelona. 
  • Elisha Clayton traveled to Australia and New Zealand through Arcadia University to study ecology and sustainability.
  • Samaya Sinha traveled to Paris as a first-year to study at the Ecole Centrale. 
  • MechE student Cecily Sunday traveled to Metz, France as part of the Georgia Tech-Lorraine program. 
  • Josh Debner worked as an intern with One Laptop Per Child in Huaraz, Peru. He helped teachers and students integrate technology into the classroom.
  • Bradley Hall worked as an intern as part of the innovative Student Technology ExPerience (iSTEP) program creating accessible technological solutions for three communities in Tanzaniza.
  • Guillermo Gomez did a four-week study abroad experience at Estudio Sampere in Spain.
  • Lauren "Beav" Cuan traveled to Spain during the summer.
  • Faith Quist completed courses for both of her majors on a year-long exchange with RWTH Aachen in Germany.
  • Emerson Silva spent his spring semester in Madrid, Spain.
  • Brandon Ortiz is a Chemical Engineering student who participated in the GREEN program's Iceland trip to learn more about renewable energies.
  • Craig Boman, a CEE sophomore, spent his summer in Australia.
  • Josh Lopez-Binder is a Mechanical Engineering student who spent the summer before senior year in Amsterdam, working in a research lab.
  • Amalia Martinez a Mechanical Engineering student, traveled to Iceland to learrn about renewable energy.
  • Celeste Neary, an Electrical and Computer Engineering student, spent the summer between her first year and sophomore year in Germany.
  • Yeshar Hadi, a sophomore in the Materials Science & Engineering program, went to Iceland to learn about renewable energies via the GREEN program.
  • Miriam Hegglin, a CEE junior, studied in Marburg, Germany..
  • Michael O'Connor, a Mechanical Engineering student, studied abroad in Barcelona and other countries.
  • Yoon Hee Ha, a Mechanical Engineering sophomore, did an internship in Hanover, Germany.


Please note that opinions and statements made by students in their personal blogs do not necessarily reflect those of the College of Engineering or of Carnegie Mellon University.