The College of Engineering is collaborating with the Ford Motor Company to offer a trip to select students to participate in a site visit in Detroit. This program gives students an opportunity to see the inner workings of the Ford Motor Company and connects students with professional engineers for two days. Students can expand professional networks and gain insight into the types of work environments available in the automotive industry and in particular Ford Motor Company.

Who: Past RWE participants are eligible to apply. Preference is given to sophomore and junior Mechanical and Electrical and Computer Engineering majors who are interested in working in the automotive industry.

Where: The visit is full of activities that include tours of the plant and test track and shadowing in areas like Product Development, Purchasing, Software Engineering, and Research. There will also be opportunities to network with CMU alumni, get small group mentoring and experience the city of Detroit.

When: The RWE Ford program runs March 12–14 and all costs, including travel, food and hotel in the Detroit, are covered by the College of Engineering and the Ford Motor Company.

How: Applications are now available at this link.