Boston has a long history of innovation. Today, the city is home to large companies as well as start-ups, with many diverse opportunities for engineers. RWE Boston students will stay in downtown Boston and travel in small groups to company sites all over the city and in nearby suburbs, getting a taste of living and working in the city. Visits are arranged based on areas of student’s interest, with opportunities across all engineering disciplines.

Who: This program is open to all undergraduate College of Engineering students.

Where: Students will visit companies in small groups, or in some cases, individually. Previous students have visited the following companies:

  • Nexamp
  • BVH Integrated Services
  • Shell Tech Works
  • Continnuum
  • Medtronic
  • Amazon Robotics
  • P&G/Gillette
  • Soroco
  • iRobot
  • Silicon Labs
  • Dell
  • Translate Bio
  • Alert Innovation
  • MIT Lincoln Labs

When: Spring 2023

How: Applications are now closed for Spring 2023.

I had heard it before, but I realized that my career options are not constricted by what my major is in.

RWE Boston Participant

Here’s what a few RWE Boston students said:

“Before, I was unsure if I would be satisfied just becoming another software engineer or something similar. But, now I see that there are many ways someone in my field can go with their career. Also, I received lots of great input about the decision to follow a more manager focused career track.”

“I was able to see untraditional ways of entering and interacting with the industry.”