Victoria Webster-Wood headshot

Victoria Webster-Wood

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Courtesy Appointment, Biomedical Engineering, Robotics Institute

Victoria Webster-Wood received her B.S. in 2012, M.S. in 2013, and Ph.D. in 2017 in mechanical engineering at Case Western Reserve University, receiving graduate support as an NSF Graduate Research Fellow and GAANN Fellow in the Biologically Inspired Robotics Lab. She subsequently completed her postdoctoral training as a Ruth L. Kirschstein NRSA Postdoctoral Fellow in the Tissue Fabrication and Mechanobiology Lab at the same institution.

Upon joining Carnegie Mellon University, she established the CMU Biohybrid and Organic Robotics Group (B.O.R.G). The B.O.R.G.’s research focuses on the use of organic materials as structures, actuators, sensors, and controllers toward the development of biohybrid and organic robots and biohybrid prosthetics.

Research team

  • Kevin Dai headshot

    Kevin Dai


    Research Interests
    bio-robots and controls
  • Ji Min Seok headshot

    Ji Min Seok


    Research Interests
    biohybrid robotics, biomanufacturing
  • Anika Sun

    Anika Sun

    Research Engineer

    Research Interests
    3D printing, soft robots, mechanical design


  • Michael Bennington headshot

    Michael Bennington


    Research Interests
    biomechanics, neuromechanics, biorobotics, and computational modeling
  • Camila Fernandz

    Camila Fernandez


    Research Interests
    neuromechanics, machine learning, controls
  • Ashlee Liao headshot

    Ashlee Liao


    Research Interests
    biorobotics, biomechanics, neural controls
    Jessica Zhang
  • Kuanren Qian headshot

    Kuanren Qian


    Research Interests
    bioinspired robotics, neuron growth modeling
    Jessica Zhang
  • Saul Schaffer

    Saul Schaffer


    Research Interests
    biohybrid actuators, prosthetics, 3D printing, metamaterials
  • Ravesh Sukhnandan headshot

    Ravesh Sukhnandan


    Research Interests
    soft robots, bioinspired robots, muscle mechanics
  • Avery Williamson

    Avery Williamson


    Research Interests
    biohybrid actuators, 3D printing, soft robots, biomechanics
  • Hima Hrithik Pamu

    Hima Hrithik Pamu


    Research Interests
    Soft robotics


  • placeholder headshot image

    Gerardo Vega


    Research Interests
    soft robotics, neurorobotics
  • placeholder headshot image

    Justin Whitfield


    Research Interests
    tissue engineering, symbiotic co-culture

Ph.D. alumni

  • Wenhuan Sun (Fall 2022,¬†first position after CMU - Paypal)
  • Kevin Dai (Summer 2023, first position after CMU - Schwartz Center Innovation Commercialization Postdoctoral Fellow)

M.S. alumni and MS project students

  • Jiarui Chang (MS, MechE)
  • Gordon Gao (MS, BME)
  • Kathleen Gladson (MS, MechE)
  • Jason Paulovich (MS, BME)
  • Avery Sonora Williamson (MS, MechE)
  • Ravesh Sukhnandan (MS, BME)
  • Yu Wang (MS, MechE)
  • Bella Zhang (MS, BME)

Past and present undergraduate researchers

  • Jacob Abrams
  • Nathan Ang
  • Charli Ann Hooper
  • Adam Assad
  • Befeker Assefa
  • Ryan Bao
  • Lameck Beni
  • Anaya Bhammar
  • Annie Chen
  • Theophilos Cockrell
  • Jenna Cui
  • Anais del Rosario
  • Abirami Elangovan
  • Lekha Kesavan
  • Riti Krishna
  • Leon Lai
  • Justin Lam
  • Janice Lee
  • Rose Lee
  • Bajram Metjahic
  • Nickia Muraskin
  • Arpita Nag
  • Fernando Plata
  • Allison Rojas
  • Nicole Segale
  • Gian Seixas
  • Avani Shukla
  • Summer Sun
  • Ian Turner
  • Emily Wang
  • Vicki Wang
  • Karen Whirley
  • Xochitl Zazueta