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The rapid growth of Africa presents unique opportunities and challenges for the continent. Digitalization can help Africa to respond to many of these challenges, create sustainable and inclusive growth, and accelerate job creation. However, the skills gap and the solutions needed for the digital revolution in Africa cannot be addressed by universities in isolation. 

The African Engineering and Technology Network (Afretec) is a pan-African collaboration of technology-focused universities from across the African continent. The creation of Afretec is a defining moment for the digital transformation of Africa. The network will build a strong knowledge creation and educational infrastructure on the continent. It will also provide a platform for its members to engage in deep collaboration that drives inclusive digital growth in Africa.

The network, currently in the foundational stage of development, will be made up of ten technology-focused universities.


Afretec will create a platform for technology-focused universities in Africa to drive inclusive digital growth by collaborating on teaching and learning, knowledge creation, and entrepreneurship activities within the area of engineering and technology.

Teaching and learning

Develop and progress teaching and learning methodologies to prepare African engineering students with the skills and capabilities required for digital transformation

Knowledge creation

Develop an applied African digital knowledge and research ecosystem which promotes collaboration and responds to continental, national and sector challenges and opportunities


Develop entrepreneurship education and business opportunities to foster a startup technology culture and ecosystem across Africa

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Advance the digital transformation of Africa through collaborative research, education, and entrepreneurship 

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Encourage and support deep collaboration between African universities in engineering and technology 


Promote and share best practices in research, education, and entrepreneurship

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Develop the next generation of skilled educators, researchers, engineers, and technologists 

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Support and promote social impact, diversity, inclusion, and sustainability as well as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (2015-2030) and the Africa Agenda (2015-2063)

Advanced Collaboration®

At Carnegie Mellon University, we have a unique atmosphere deeply native to our collaborative culture, and practice a systems approach to problem solving. We use our model of Advanced Collaboration® to capitalize on the steady expansion of knowledge across geographies, disciplines, and experiences to drive breakthrough thinking and impact.

We ask different questions. Better questions.

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Through decades of working together, we’ve learned how to assemble the most diverse experts and solve challenging and complex problems. The Afretec Network is an extension of our approach by engaging top engineering schools across the continent to work together on research efforts to advance the digitization of Africa.