Reception desks (HelpDesks) are located at both the Hamerschlag Hall and the ANSYS Hall entrances where TechSpark employees are waiting to answer your questions and assist you in using the facility. In addition, you can contact us via the following methods and the directory below. 

Email the Tech Spark team.
Make a machining request.

Faculty committee

The faculty committee has one faculty member from each engineering department to represent the interests of faculty, who often use the facility’s resources for teaching courses and conducting research. Information is available for faculty to learn more about partnering their course with TechSpark to use the facilities for curricular assignments.

Student committee

This committee consists of one undergraduate and one graduate student from each engineering department. These committee members represent the perspective of students using the facility for course assignments, research, student organizations, and other extracurricular activities. Information is available for students to learn more about the student organizations using the facility and how students can access equipment in TechSpark.

TechSpark’s professionals


Professional staff

Faculty committee