Contact us For more information about these sponsorship opportunities, please contact Diana Haidar, faculty director.

TechSpark is Carnegie Mellon University’s focal point for technology innovation. This state-of-the-art facility provides physical, digital, and intellectual resources for rapid prototyping of designs from idea to reality.

Students, faculty, and staff of the College of Engineering and their collaborators across campus come together to simulate, build, and solve real-world challenges. This environment sparks creativity in courses, research, student clubs, and entrepreneurial ventures, which mark Tech Spark as the cornerstone of the College’s maker ecosystem for learning-by-doing.

2020-2021 Sponsorship Opportunities

Founding Membership

$7,500 sponsorship includes:

Invitation to Tech Spark’s Design Expo hosted online in mid-December 2020 and early-May 2021, during which corporate representatives will observe student presentations and engage with them during the question and answer segment. The corporate sponsor’s name will be displayed prominently at the entrance of Tech Spark.

2021-2022 Future Sponsorship Opportunities

Bronze Membership

$10,000 sponsorship includes:

  • Company’s name prominently designed, fabricated, and displayed by Tech Spark students
  • Invitation to the Design Expo held at Tech Spark

Silver Membership

$25,000 with bronze benefits, plus:

  • Table and interview room at the Design Expo
  • Tech Spark Top-50 student user resume bank
  • Participation on the Tech Spark advisory board

Gold Membership

$50,000 with silver benefits, plus:

  • Display and recognition of company at the Design Expo
  • 3-hour long company event held in Tech Spark

Platinum Membership

$100,000 with gold benefits, plus

  • Company’s name on an award at the Design Expo
  • Multi-day company make-a-thon held at Tech Spark