MCF Facility Updates

Monica Cooney

Sep 6, 2023

As the the Materials Characterization Facility (MCF) continues to make repairs and replacements due to the damage sustained to several pieces of equipment in December 2022, adjustments have been made to lab space as follows: 

Atomic Force Microscopy Lab:

  • Relocated to Roberts Hall Room 133

  • NT-MDT SolverNEXT AFM operational and training available

    • Features: Topography imaging/measurements / Kelvin force conductive imaging / piezoelectric response imaging / force-distance curves

  • NT-MDT NTEGRA II AFM expected late 2023 with increased stability for higher resolution

Raman Spectroscopy:

  • Relocated to Roberts Hall Room 132

  • Horiba XploRA Raman imaging microscope (loaner unit) will be operational until delivery of new Raman microscope

    • Features: 532nm and 785nm lasers

  • New Raman instrument: Horiba LabRAM Soleil Raman imaging microscope (expected by late 2023)

    • Features: 405nm, 532nm, 638nm, and 785nm lasers / polarized Raman / high speed confocal imaging

Users may once again request trainings through PPMS.

Save the date for SEM Training: Oct 16 - 20