Thermo Fisher Themis 200 G3

The Themis 200 is a state of the art 80-200 kV FEG Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope designed to deliver ultimate performance in TEM and STEM modes. An incorporated Cs probe corrector provides sub-Å resolution in STEM mode.  An optimized lens control system allows each and every microscope setting to be optimized, maximizing performance, while minimizing aligning and tuning. The Themis 200 is equipped with the ThermoFisher designed X-FEG; a high brightness Schottky field emission source which combines the benefits of a Schottky FEG (high total current, great stability, and long lifetime) with the brightness of a cold FEG. The system also includes ThermoFisher’s proprietary Super-X EDX system. This system is a Silicon Drift Detector (SSD) based technology providing high sensitivity and speed in EDX analysis and fast EDX mapping. Additionally, the Themis is equipped with a Lorentz Lens for magnetic imaging in Fresnel and Fouccault modes.

Themis TEM


Electron source

  • Accelerating Voltages: 80 and 200
  • X-FEG high brightness electron source
  • High temporal coherence
  • High stability and total current


  • TEM point resolution: 0.24nm
  • Cs DCOR probe corrector
  • STEM point resolution: 78 pm (Cs corrected)
  • Information limit: 0.11nm
  • TEM magnification range 235X-1500kx
  • STEM magnification range: 500x-165Mx
  • Camera length 28.5-3100mm


  • High angle angular dark field (HAADF) detector for STEM
  • 4 on-axis ADF/BF detectors including a 4 Quadrant ADF for differential phase contrast (DPC) imaging
  • Super-X EDS detector
  • Ceta 16M CMOS camera

Specimen stages

  • FEI Single Tilt Holder +40°
  • FEI Double Tilt Holder +30°
  • Tomography holder