Adaptive mechanics, learning and intelligent control improve soft robotic grasping

Handling soft, fragile, or slippery objects such as ripe fruit remains a challenge in robotics. Soft robotic graspers show tremendous promise in safely handling such objects without damaging them. Furthermore, creating software to control soft robots poses an additional challenge. In contrast, many animals with soft bodies solve this problem every day as they forage and feed. Not only are they able to grasp and manipulate soft and fragile objects, but animals can also learn how to safely interact with new objects and vary how much force they apply during grasping based on their prior experience. This project will create a mechanism that can learn how to safely grasp a wide range of objects, including fragile foods like tomatoes and mushrooms. The ability of a robot to learn how to safely handle soft and fragile objects will have future applications in agriculture, manufacturing, and medicine.

Funding Agency: NSF - Foundational Research in Robotics Program 

Project Period: 2/2022 - 1/2025

Abstract Page: NSF-2138923


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Victoria Webster-Wood

Associate Professor
Mechanical Engineering

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Biomedical Engineering, Robotics Institute

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Michael Bennington


Research Interests
biomechanics, neuromechanics, biorobotics, and computational modeling
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Kevin Dai


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bio-robots and controls
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Ravesh Sukhnandan


Research Interests
oft robots, bioinspired robots, muscle mechanics
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Yu Wang


Research Interests
bioinspired robotics, soft robotics, human-robot interaction

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Roger Quinn


Hillel Chiel

Hillel Chiel


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Yanjun Li


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  1. Y. Li*, R. Sukhnandan*, J. P. Gill, H. J. Chiel, V. Webster-Wood, R. D. Quinn. “A Bioinspired Synthetic Nervous System Controller for Pick-and-Place Manipulation”. ICRA 2023.
  2. M. J. Bennington*, T. Wang*, J. Yin, S. Bergbreiter, C. Majidi, V. A. Webster-Wood, “Design and Characterization of Viscoelastic McKibben Actuators with Tunable Force-Velocity Curves.” RoboSoft 2023.