Carnegie Mellon Engineering

Welcome to the College of Engineering

Dean James H. Garrett Jr.Welcome to the College of Engineering, otherwise known as the Carnegie Institute of Technology, or CIT.

The college you see today is a hundred years in the making. From a trade school for the children of steelworkers to a top-10 engineering college, the college has consistently looked to the future as the measure for its mission. A student-centered, research-intensive college, it is our goal to offer an education that encourages innovative thinking, develops technical excellence, and builds collaboration, communication, and leadership skills.

Today's engineers must be citizens of the world. From Pittsburgh to Portugal, Kigali to Guangzhou, engineers are challenged to solve problems on a global scale. In the College of Engineering we are committed to building multi-cultural skills and communication, challenging our students and faculty to grow beyond borders and boundaries. This is demonstrated by our curriculum and in the staff, faculty, and students we attract.

The College of Engineering is committed to preparing students for the global economy With a global economy comes opportunity and competition. We help our students meet that challenge through a curriculum and culture that embraces innovation. Our graduate programs incorporate master's and doctorate degrees focused on innovation management and entrepreneurship. Our faculty is well known for and committed to both outstanding teaching and innovations in curricula and pedagogy. Research within the college transcends disciplinary, departmental, and college boundaries and offers a unique opportunity for students to be trained while developing the next generation of innovations that will have an impact and change society, for both graduate and undergraduate students.

Welcome to the College of Engineering The flexible undergraduate curriculum that we have pioneered and implemented in all departments within the college allows every student to customize the program to achieve his or her goals. Here, too, innovation is a priority, and we are currently incorporating courses to help students grow these highly-desirable skill sets. We have launched an initiative to support first-year students during that critical transition from high school to college. Our students represent the best and brightest minds—we are committed to securing their future.

The College of Engineering seal.The College of Engineering is a place for people who desire to solve problems, to discover, to create, to design, to invent, and to innovate—and all of this with the goal of having an impact on society. Our alumni have distinguished themselves in many ways, and we expect that future generations will do the same. Browse the college and departmental web pages and discover what we are all about.