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  • Researchers engineer “thubber,” a stretchable rubber that packs a thermal conductive punch, for heated garments and robot muscles. Read More
  • EPP’s Wong-Parodi wants to help us talk about climate change. Read More
  • Noh receives NSF CAREER grant to study structure-as-sensor in elder care. Read More
  • Strojwas honored with 2016 Phil Kaufman Award. Read More
  • Terrorism research must be driven by evidence, not political agendas. Read More
  • Three engineering alumni named to Forbes 30 Under 30. Read More

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  • CyberScoop celebrates Brumley for teaching NSA’s best hackers

    CyLab Director David Brumley was featured in CyberScoop because of his knack for teaching students how to hack into technological devices, ultimately transforming them into top-notch employees for tech companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and the National Security Agency (NSA). Brumley’s unique academic program produces experienced graduates that are “coveted by the federal and private sectors alike. Competition to secure their services is fierce.”  Read More
  • Fischhoff quoted in Fast Company

    EPP’s Baruch Fischhoff explains how business negotiation and strategy differs from political negotiation and strategy in relation to Trump’s presidency. Although Fischhoff notes the similarity between business and political strategies, he also says that business and political strategies have “different ramifications and ways that players intrinsically judge them.” Overall, Fischhoff suggests that business acumen can lead to political prowess so long as individuals realize their limitations and “surround themselves with people who are well versed in the areas they are not.”  Read More
  • Wadhwa featured on CNBC about Trump’s visa policy

    CMU-SV's Vivek Wadhwa commented on Trump’s H-1B visa policy in an interview with CNBC. Wadhwa agrees with Trump’s notion that H-1B visas are being abused by the top visa holders, or outsourcing companies. Wadhwa says that if Trump “clamps down” on top visa holders, the balance will shift in favor “of the Valley, and allow tech companies that pay the highest for any given wage level to hire the recruits."  Read More
  • Presto interviewed by 90.5 WESA on rooftop study

    MechE's Albert Presto was interviewed by 90.5 WESA about a new air quality study out of CMU's Center for Air, Climate, and Energy Solutions. Presto and his team have installed air quality monitors on rooftops around Pittsburgh to collect data that will be compared with data from other U.S. cities. The study will help researchers better understand how factors like traffic patterns and business density affect air quality.  Read More

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