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  • Researchers from CMU and Pitt receive NSF funding to design carbon-adsorbing nanoparticles. Read More
  • Carnegie Mellon professor creates software to improve data sharing in research and academia. Read More
  • Carnegie Mellon to lead $970K America Makes collaboration to advance additive manufacturing in the aerospace industry. Read More
  • Whitehead named 2016 Young Innovator of Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering. Read More
  • The vents in your office aren’t just pumping out air. Read More
  • CMU researchers receive EPA NCER STAR grant to monitor air pollution in Pittsburgh communities. Read More

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The College of Engineering ranks among the leaders in the world for engineering research and education. Learn more about the college's accolades in our about the college and Engineering Rankings pages.

Expanding Collaborations, Empowering People, Elevating Impact is the College of Engineering's strategic plan, which will ensure continued excellence at the college.  

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The College of Engineering fosters an environment for innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. Learn about the college's efforts in innovation and entrepreneurship


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  • Kovačević and Marculescu receive professorships

    ECE's Jelena Kovačevic and Diana Marculescu have received professorships in the College of Engineering in recognition of their continued contributions to their field. Kovačević has been named Hamerschlag University Professor, and Marculescu has been appointed David Edward Schramm Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering.  Read More
  • Pandis wins AIChE’s Lawrence K. Cecil Award

    ChemE’s Spyros Pandis won the AIChE’s Lawrence K. Cecil Award in Environmental Chemical Engineering for outstanding chemical engineering contribution to preserving and improving the environment. Pandis’ research applies principles of chemical engineering to the control of air pollution and climate change, and his research group has contributed to successful regulation and improvements in air quality in various areas around the world.  Read More
  • Scimax software featured in Campus Technology

    Campus Technology recently featured ChemE’s John Kitchin’s open source software Scimax, which aims to improve data sharing in research and academia. By integrating data processing and analysis, Scimax uses plain text to allow users to embed data, code, figures, equations, tables, and citations in their work, eliminating the need to use multiple applications to draft research papers.  Read More
  • NSF asks Stine to develop new models for research collaboration

    The NSF has asked EPP’s Deborah Stine and other leaders in the science of science policy community to explore new models of fostering collaboration between federal research agencies and the science of science policy research community. 

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